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The ‘Dimitrios Pateras’ by Aristidis Glykas


It was a 2,434 gross ton carrier steamship, built in June 1890, at the Bartram, Haswell & Co. shipyard in Sunderland, England (catalogue. no. 143).

It was built by Wilkie & Turnbull and owned by C. Thurnbull & Co. in 1895, who initially named it ‘Lyell’ and sailed it under a British flag.

In 1913, the vessel was brought by Anastassios D. Pateras, the owner of the house which accommodates the Nautical Museum. It was re-named ‘Dimitrios Pateras’ and under a Greek flag.  It was the first ship brought by Anastassis Pateras, with a loan of 7,000 pounds from the Michalinos company.  It was registered in Piraeus and remained under his ownership till 1917, when it was sold to A.A. Kallinikos.

According to Andreas G. Lemos’ book ‘Chronicle of the Oinoussians’, John M. Lyras also had interests in the vessel. In addition, it was also the last Oinoussian-owned ship before World War II.

The vessel’s continuing story: In 1922 it was re-named the SKRA and it was then sold to George Groman in 1927 (managed by M.Steriotis), who named it ‘Ismini’. In 1937, it was brought by Ismini Steamship Co and managed by N.D. Kotzias. On November 15th 1937, whilst on a voyage from Setubal, Portugal to Rouen, France, the vessel sent out an SOS signal, due to a leak in its ketch. It called at the port of Leixoes in Portugal to discharge and was towed to Lisbon to be sold for scrap locally.