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The Chios Maritime Museum took part in the 11th Pan-Hellenic Conference of Nautical Museums which took place in Kavala over three days from the 9th – 11th June, with the topic of “Neapolis-Christoupolis-Kavala: Valuable Pieces of Our Nautical History”.

The conference was honoured by the Vice Admiral-in-Chief Ioannis G. Pavlopoulos, the Mayor of Kavala Mrs Dimitra Tsanaka, the president of the Maritime Museum of Greece Mrs Anastasia Anagnostopoulou-Paloumi. The Chios Maritime Museum was represented by its manager Mrs. Anna Sitara-Glyka.

The conference was an opportunity for the museums to present their activities, the problems they face, their future plans, as well as the ways they use to showcase themselves in the community through their work and educational programmes.

In her address Mrs Sitara focused on the unstinting contribution of benefactors and heirs to the smooth operation of the museum, which is run as purely as a private initiative. She also spoke about its role in the local community and its contribution to the promotion of the rich maritime history of Chios.